June 2020

Following the successful move to a fully 'live' home learning offer through Microsoft Teams, we are changing the way we are asking for feedback from students. Rather than a new survey every fortnight with a limited lifetime, we are now offering a form that can be used if you want, whenever you want, as many times as you want. We hope by doing this to reduce the pressure on you with yet another task you 'have' to complete for the school, but at the same time keep the option open in a more flexible form for those who need it. 

The form can be found here:


Our priorities during lockdown remain the same:

  1. To provide an effective home learning programme for all students by:
    • Recognising the barriers that working in isolation puts up and working creatively to overcome them
    • Differentiating lessons to match abilities
    • Challenging and extending the most able
    • Providing families with technological support so that all students can access online learning
  2. To acknowledge the strain on students' wellbeing caused by:
    • Separation from friends
    • Lack of routine
    • Worry about the future
    • Uncertainty about coming back to school
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