Parents' Evenings

Parents' evenings at The Matthew Arnold School are vitally important as they give parents and guardians the opportunity to meet with teachers, check the progress of their child's learning, and for staff to set individual targets for each student to ensure they have the best chance of meeting their target grades.

To fully support the transition from primary to secondary school, Year 7 students have a ‘Welcome Evening’ and a parents’ evenings to check their progress and smooth transition. As Year 11 are sitting their GCSE exams they have an ‘Information Evening’ and a parents' evening to provide all the adequate resources to aid them through a challenging year of their education.

We actively encourage all parents and guardians to attend their child’s parents' evenings to check on progress and to meet the staff that will teach your child over the course of the year.

Below are the dates for parents’ evenings during this academic year:

Parents' Evening


Year 7 Parents' Evening

Thursday 5th October

Year 9 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 9th November

Year 11 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 11th January

Year 10 Parents' Evening

Thursday 8 February 

Year 9 Options Evening

Thursday 14th March

Year 11 Parents’ Evening

Thursday 21st March

Year 7 Parent’s Evening

Thursday 18th April

Year 8 Parents' Evening

Thursday 2nd May

Year 10 Parents' Evening

Thursday 6th June


Please join us online for all our virtual parents' evening events via School Cloud:

School Cloud Parents' Evening link

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