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At The Matthew Arnold School, we believe the school uniform achieves three important goals: 

  • It encourages a sense of community identity and pride. By wearing the same badge and the same clothing, students are encouraged to think of the needs of the community as well as their own individual needs
  • It encourages our students to develop habits for life. By learning to polish their shoes, fold trousers or hang up their blazers, students learn the habits of discipline and personal responsibility that will stay with them for life
  • It prevents unkindness or bullying while keeping costs down. 

By requiring all our students to wear the same uniform, we reduce the incentive for students to ask parents for the latest (and most expensive) items of fashion. As a result, costs are kept as low as possible and no child can be seen to be poorer or wealthier than any other. However, for our uniform policy to be successful, it must be implemented universally and without exception. Our parents understand this and so support us at home to uphold the school’s high standards.


All items of clothing (including bags) must be clearly marked with the student’s full name. Sew-on labels are preferable to iron-on labels and black permanent markers may be used but names should be written large and clear. 

Should there be any questions as to what acceptable school uniform is please contact the school to check before purchase.

Most recent updates to the school uniform

The most recent updates to the school uniform have been the following 3 items:

  1. The school tie.
  2. The school jumper (optional, however students may not wear high street equivalent jumpers).
  3. The school skirt (available in two lengths).
Tie Jumper Skirt
Aa A Aaa

All items can be purchased from School Uniform Direct.

Wearing the correct uniform

As always, children who wear incorrect uniform or who choose to wear it incorrectly will be sanctioned and may be sent home to change. The full list of uniform is detailed below (uniform items in bold type and with the word 'school' alongside means they can only be purchased from School Uniform Direct):

  • School blazer (required)
  • White shirt with buttons to the collar (long or short sleeves)
  • School skirt, tailored black trousers or tailored black shorts
  • School tie (required)
  • Plain black ankle or knee-high socks, or plain black tights 
  • Black leather/smart shoes (required)
  • School jumper (optional)
  • An outdoor coat as necessary. This must not be a hoodie.

Please see below some illustrations of branded items and examples of acceptable uniform items.

Blazer White Collar Shirt Skirt Trousers
C Cc Aaa Ccc


Tie Black Socks Coat Jumper
Aa Cccc




Acceptable School Shoes
B Bb Bbb Bbbbb


PE kit 

  • School blazer (required)
  • School PE shirt (new design if purchasing)
  • School PE shorts (new design if purchasing)
  • School PE socks only (new design if purchasing)
  • School PE top (optional - new design only)
  • School PE leggings (optional - new design only)
  • School PE bottoms (optional - new design only)
  • Trainers (required)

Visit the School Uniform Direct website here

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