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Year 7 & Year 8 District Sports

Posted on: 04/07/2023

We bring you news of further success at the Key Stage 3 District Athletics today after a mostly soggy day out at Walton. Despite no winning shields being brought back this time, we had a substantial number of individual successes!

To start with the team results:

Year 7 girls - 4th

Year 7 boys - 2nd

Year 8 girls - 3rd

Year 8 boys - 4th

Overall boys - 4th

Overall girls - 3rd

If we combine these results with our incredible success at the Key Stage 4 meeting two weeks ago, we placed an overall 3rd in the district. This caps off an incredible three weeks of athletic performances involving Matthew Arnold students! 


Individual Results

But as I said, there were some fantastic individual successes, most of which included The Matthew Arnold School setting the track alight early on!  Including 1st place overall from Harvey C (100m, 600m), Willow E (75m and 150m), Tyler S (100m) and Harry G, Harvey C, Charles O A-A and Owen D (Relay). 

Charles, after his record-breaking performance at sports day also followed this up with another record, once again in the high jump. He jumped a scintillating, 1m 55, breaking the old district record by 14 cm. Incredible!!

All medal winners are pictured below:

Image (16)

Harvey C (100m, 600m, Relay), Willow E (75m, 150m), Diella A (shot and javelin), Owen D (relay), Tallula W (shot put), Isla P (1500m), Harry G (relay), Tyler S (100m), Jakob B (100m, 200m), Advait K (discus) and Charles O A-A (100m, high jump, relay). 

A HUGE WELL DONE to all of our competitors today:

Image (2)

Year 7

Harvey C

Charles O A-A

Harry G

Jamie W

Advait K

Harrison D

Willow E

Grace H

Lucy McD

Liv P

Emma D

Owen D

Oliver W

Michael I

Riley W

Nina J

Paige M

Pixie S

Diella A

Leah B

Isy G

Lily Rose R


Year 8

Tyler S

Treyson S

Daren N N

Charlie S

Jordan K

Jakob B

Isabellle A

Tallula W

Lauren D

Isla P

Maddie B

Lily Omar A

Phoebe  L

Blake F

Rajan S

Tawfiq B

Olivia B-H

Brooke L

Emilia N

Elsie A

Alice McK

Written by Mr K Howes
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