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Year 9 & 10 District Sports

Posted on: 16/06/2023

Close to 50 students headed to the Xcel in Walton and after the rain lashed down in the morning, the clouds parted, and the sun definitely shone down upon us.


To go straight into the results:

Y9 girls placed 2nd in their age group.

Y9 boys placed 3rd in their age group.

Y10 boys did very well in a tough completion to come 7th with some last-minute changes in personnel.

Y10 girls placed 1st in their age group! The first time we have won the competition since 2007 and meaning they are the best in the district!


Overall Y9 and 10 boys placed 4th with their results combined.


However, the Y9 and 10 girls combined results put them in 1st overall! Therefore, again, they are the best in the district!


A huge thank you to all staff involved and of course to the students whose ability earned them these incredible results.

Written by Mr K Howes
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