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Strode's College Photography & Graphics Trip March 2023

Posted on: 23/03/2023

We had another fantastic trip to Strode's College art department yesterday where GCSE students were invited to come and use the brilliant photography and graphics facilities.

The 2 hour workshop involved creating light trails using different shutter speeds and exposure using top of the range Canon cameras. Student quickly got the hang of it and in groups they used their imagination and creative skills to create some fantastic photography using L.E.D lights and a selection of glass bottles and optic fibres.

What a fantastic skill to pick up as some amazing photography can be created with the most simple objects. his will be incredibly useful for their GCSE projects.

Our students were excellent art ambassadors for the school and Strode's tutors commented on how lovely they all were.

We look forward to more visits to Strode's College next term.1 (1)


2 (2)

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