Students follow a two year KS3 course in Science. The scheme is focussed on big ideas in Science, with students getting their first taste of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Lessons will develop students’ skills in each of the following areas:

Solve – problem solving in a range of contexts

Enquire – practical investigation to introduce and reinforce concepts

Calculate – maths-based skills

Communicate – extended literacy and oracy to form and justify own opinions in a scientific context

Analyse – using prior knowledge and skills to draw conclusions from new data.


Once in Key stage 4 students will be working towards their GCSE in Science. The additional time allows concepts to be studied in more depth and provides students with an opportunity to develop their understanding.

Key Stage 3

In Biology, students will study how they have inherited their features and will be able to explain how disease spreads and ways in which it can be prevented. During their Chemistry lessons, students will get the opportunity for plenty of practical work. The course starts with students investigating chemical patterns and by the end enables them to explain why they are observing certain patterns. In Physics, students will get the opportunity to study Space and answer questions such as why do objects float? What are the benefits of aeroplanes being stremaline? And how do submarines sink beneath the surface?

Key Stage 4

In Year 9 students will start their GCSE course in Science. All students will get the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There are two possible routes for a student studying science, Combined Science or Separate Science. The decision for each route is made during the year 8 options process. Both courses will run adjacent to each other, with separate scientists studying certain concepts in more details. The course follows the AQA scheme of work set out by the exam board.

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