Year 6 Transition

welcome - Front Porch LifestyleWe are delighted that you are interested in joining our extraordinary school! 

These next few months leading up to your first day in September will be very exciting. Keep an eye on our Year 6 Transition Page for important dates, and all the information you need to know for your child's Induction Days as well as your child's first day in September. 

Our Vision: 

Our vision for the school, for students, staff and parents is ‘There is nowhere I’d rather be.’ This is rooted in reality, not idealism: out of the choices available to them, we would want them to choose Matthew Arnold every time. 

Dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for all learners, the school serves the local community by providing an outstanding quality of education within an environment of trust, tolerance and mutual respect.

Our Values:

At The Matthew Arnold School we strive to find and nurture the brilliance in every student in our community through a well-balanced and broad curriculum which develops character and fosters aspirations towards ambitious outcomes with a positive approach to wellbeing. This is achieved through an uncompromising approach to excellence where the highest standards and expectations form the basis of everyday learning, driven by Leadership within - and outside of the classroom - underpinned by our core values: Be Kind; Work Hard.

As you know by now our aim at The Matthew Arnold School, is to prepare our students to achieve their best both academically with an ambitious curriculum and socially, for the life and careers ahead of them with high expectations.

The transition to Secondary School is a pivotal step in your child’s education and, from personal experience, I am aware it is also a daunting one and therefore I cannot stress enough the importance of the relationship between ‘home’ and ‘school’ in making this process a positive one. By officially enrolling your child at The Matthew Arnold School, you are declaring your support of our values and expectations. Knowing that at the heart of everything we do as a school, are the best interests of your son/daughter.

To further support both you and your child, Mr Scott, Assistant Headteacher in charge of Transition, has put together a series of information to ensure you feel welcomed and as prepared as you can be when starting with us in September. 

On behalf of all our staff here at The Matthew Arnold School, may I wish you a happy and successful final term at your respective Primary Schools and a safe Summer Holiday.

Mrs Z. Munnik


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