School priorities 2022-23

The Matthew Arnold School is a happy environment which prioritises wellbeing for all, challenges the individual to thrive, offers true equity of opportunity and where success is an expectation.

Our Mission - ‘Widening horizons’

Our core purpose is to ensure that all members of our school community are fully prepared for the next stages in their lives and can expect to find all doors open to them. They will be aware of their responsibilities as global citizens and excited about their contributions to a brighter future.

Our Strategic Goals

1. The Matthew Arnold School is the natural choice for the community it serves.

2. It delivers the BET Guarantee.

3. 100% of students move to their next educational stage and are successful there.

Priorities 2022 - 2023

1. Deliver a rich curriculum that inspires, challenges and motivates.

2. Take individual and collective ownership of attendance, progress and attainment of disadvantaged students.

3. Ensure students are highly literate.

4. Instil a sense of accountability in every single child and member of staff. 

How do we do this?

Each year we review and update our key priorities within our wider school development plan. Read our school development plan for 2022-23 below:

School Development Plan 2022-2023

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