Year 11 TAG Results & Appeals

Dear Year 11 Parents and Students

Your GCSE and other Level 2 results will be at school on Thursday 12th August, and we warmly invite you to come to school between 10.00am and 12.00pm to collect them. Please see details in this letter:

Y11 results

We hope that you will be pleased with your grades, and that you feel they have been fairly awarded. We went through a rigorous process to arrive at them, and Mr Lawrence and I have personally been through every grade awarded, both with Heads of Department and with the Leadership Team. As you know, we used a combination of sources:

  • Mini-assessments
  • Mock grades
  • Coursework and controlled assessments
  • Classwork and homework
  • Work done through lockdown

There were valid reasons why some of this evidence was not applicable to all, and we have taken this into account.

However, there remains the possibility that you wish to appeal against the grade(s) you have been awarded, and it is part of the whole package that we support you in doing so. Please note, though ... your grade may be adjusted down as well as up.

The documentation here is detailed, and you may find it hard to pick your way through it. We will help you if you need it!

The policies are there to ensure that there is transparency and clarity in any appeals, and that we are adhering fully to expectations laid down by JCQ, the Joint Qualifications Council.

The forms are there in case you wish to appeal. They are designed to be completed online. If you are unable to scan a recognisable signature or you do not have access to the necessary applications, please let us know, and we can prepare a form for you to fill out by hand. Your parent or carer can do this on your behalf. Please be aware that the turnaround for appeals is quite tight. All details are included in the links below:

Arrangements for appealing examination results in summer 2021- policy

Examinations Policy Summer 2021

Student Request for Stage One Centre Review

Student Request for Stage Two Exam Board Review

I very much look forward to seeing you on August 12th! Stay safe until then, and enjoy your summer!

Mary Gould

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