Year 7 Tutor Team

Your Year 7 Tutor Team are really looking forward to meeting you in person. In the meantime, here is a little bit about each one of them:

Miss Vickery, Head of Year 7

Miss Vickery teaches Health, Sport and Nutrition so you can mainly see her on the sports pitches or in the sports hall in her sports kit or in the food tech rooms in her apron! 


Mr Schofield 7M

Mr Schofield teaches Geography, History and Religious Studies.



Mr Shew 7A

Mr Shew also teaches Health, Sport and Nutrition so you you will find him also on the sports pitches, sports hall in his sports kit or in the food tech rooms in his apron! 



Miss Hall 7R

Miss Hall teaches science, she specilises in Biology.



Mr Clayton 7N

Mr Clayton is Head of Design Technology.

(photo coming soon!)

Miss Khan 7O

Miss Khan is an English teacher. She loves memes and sometimes makes her own!


Mrs Blackburn 7L

Mrs Blackburn is a science teacher. Mrs Blackburn and her husband are currently working towards a world record!


Mr Huckle 7D

Mr Huckle is also a science teacher, he specialises in Chemistry.



Mr Nixon 7D

Mr Nixon teaches geography and also business. His hobby is playing theTenor Horn in a Brass Band!


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