15th March - 1st April

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COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Risk Assessment

We take the health and safety of everyone in The Matthew Arnold School Community very seriously. This is even more important during the current COVID pandemic. That the school has seen so few confirmed COVID cases in comparison with others is testament to the precautions we took and the relentless way we monitored them and each other. I have every intention of raising that standard even further, enabled by the brand-new facilities and the backing of staff, students, parents and cleaners.

Nobody should come to school if they display any of the common signs of COVID:

  • A raised temperature
  • A new, persistent cough
  • A loss of, or change in, the sense of tast or smell (anosmia)

If they do, they must remain at home and follow government procedures.

We will be asking everyone to

  • Take a home LFD test twice a week (provided through the school)
  • Wear a face covering at all times indoors unless they are eating
  • Sanitise their hands on entry to and exit from the buidling and separate rooms
  • Wash hands frequently (including every time they have been to the toilet) using soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Maintain distance where at all possible
  • Show good hygiene standards (catch-it, kill-it, bin-it)

The risk assessment gives you the full details:

Risk Assessment V3 full reopening 15th March

Parents may also be interested to know the procedure following a confirmed case of COVID in the school community:

Confirmed case flowchart


Wellbeing remains a priority for the school community and all its members - students, staff, parents, governors and visitors.

We have maintained our weekly wellbeing session, and have increased tutor time to 30 minutes daily, scheduled to 'top and tail' the school day.

You already know that our pastoral system works well because of the way teams work together. All students have access to:

  • Their Form tutor
  • Their Head of Year
  • The SENDCo and TA team
  • The Safeguarding Team
  • Clare Sampson and East to West
  • Medical Officers and First-Aid trained colleagues


Timetables and times of the school day

Year group timetables can be viewed, downloaded and printed here:

Timetables by year group

Individual student timetables can be viewed on the Parent Portal.

This above document does include times of the school day, but these can also be viewed, downloaded and printed here:

Times of the day

Break and lunch

Break time is 20 minutes long and is at the same time for all students: 10.30-10.50am.

The link below shows the areas for each year group when they are outside. Apologies - the colour coding is not quite the same as on other documents. Use the key and we will update asap!

Break and lunch

There are two different lunchtimes:

Year 7 & 8: 12.20-13.05

Year 9, 10 & 11: 13.05-13.50

The link below shows you the menu for the next three weeks. Food is paid for at the till and does not need to be pre-ordered:

Matthew Arnold Spring Menu 2021


We are returning to a fuller choice, with payment at the tills rather than pre-ordered in tutor time. There will be monitored sanitisation before and after the tills.

We cannot currently offer food at first break. Students should bring a snack to get them through until lunchtime.

There are mains-connected water fountains for each year group. These are for container fill only.

The menu is show below:

Matthew Arnold Spring Menu 2021

Extended Curriculum

The extended curriculum is very much a part of the school now. It covers our commitment to the individual beyond the purely academic, and covers physical, emotional and mental health as well. It incorporates the following strengths of the school and builds on the lessons we learned during lockdown:

  • Wellbeing
  • The Reading Hour
  • Why Don't You ... ?
  • The SuperCurriculum
  • Independent Learning
  • Careers

In addition to timetabled sessions, teachers will build opportunities and links to many of the above within the academic curriculum.

Extra-curricular activities

This section will be updated once we return to an extra-currlcular offer. We are currently putting this on hold until after Easter, when we will have seen how successful the return to school has been nationally.


The toilet facilities are extremely pleasant - well designed, hygienic and easy to monitor. Whilst zones remain, we are allocating a block to each year group, with a minimum of three cubicles for girls and three for boys. All cubicles have floor to ceiling doors and wall partitions.

The handwashing facilities are open plan, and there are reminders about how to wash hands thoroughly above each tap. Members of staff will be on duty next to each set of facilities during all breaks, meaning that clean hands will be inescapable! 

There are also accessible toilets at various places around the school. Parents of students with particular requirements should contact their child's head of year.

Maps of the school and the one-way system

We appreciate that there is a lot to learn - not only a new building, but new room numbers and a one-way system as well! 

The one-way system will make 'traffic' flow around the school much faster, smoother and calmer, and during COVID precautions will enable students to use specialist classrooms. 

The one-way system is professionally and clearly signposted. Please follow the link below to view, download and print the document shwoing how the school is set out:

School map with one-way system



- Apr 19
A fitting tribute to the memory and legacy of the Duke of Edinburgh, this week is our ‘D of E Promotion Week’. Depending on restrictions, we are looking forward to restarting our annual expeditions! This week, students will experience a range of D of E activities in their lessons https://t.co/Z8IJvlsC65
- Apr 19
An example of the type of DofE themed subject activities going on this week! https://t.co/eNcghOibYo
- Apr 19
An example of the type of DofE themed subject activities going on this week! https://t.co/150zbfDQEH
- Apr 19
An example of the type of DofE themed subject activities going on this week! https://t.co/ys8SeB8F3B
- Apr 19
An example of the type of DofE themed subject activities going on this week! https://t.co/SZ4wOwwTu7
- Apr 18
Please see our website link to the menus for the summer term. The menus work on a 3-week cycle and will start with menu week 1 tomorrow. https://t.co/Z0UyuJUxEf https://t.co/WfySrVXlle
- Apr 18
We’re looking forward to welcoming you all back tomorrow after a well earned rest. We return to school for the summer term on Week 2 on your timetable. https://t.co/l4hclDopju
- Apr 17
An article from Surrey Live showing a further look around the new school building and further progress with the demolition of MA1 https://t.co/xKtKTlAjGw
- Apr 8
Good morning! Feeling like a rest day today? Why not try today’s activities on day 4 of our Easter wellbeing programme? https://t.co/KYe3Ap42nQ https://t.co/cj3P27Vx0a
- Apr 7
Still in your pyjamas? Why waste this lovely morning, check out today’s wellbeing activities. Come on Team, let’s get it 👊 link to our website here: https://t.co/KYe3Ap42nQ https://t.co/A4SfTzoyRB
- Apr 6
Wake up Team! How are you starting your day today? Join in our holiday activities every day where we will give you ideas and focus for your physical and mental health. Link on our website below. #strongertogether https://t.co/KYe3Ap42nQ https://t.co/mllaQp5t1K
- Apr 6
Good morning Year 11 ☀️ we hope you had a restful long weekend. Welcome to your Microsoft Teams revision sessions starting today with science, history and geography 👏📚🖊 https://t.co/XnoKrfUy41
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