Modern Foreign Languages

French and Spanish

  • C’est parti! - Greetings; the alphabet; numbers; how old you are; birthdays; objects in the classroom; colours; likes and dislikes
  • Famille et copains - Family members; the present tense and common ‘er’ verbs; personalities; opinions of people; pets and descriptions; height and build; hair and eyes; identifying Level 4 work in languages; Christmas!
  • Chez moi! - types of house; location; the verb 'habiter' in the present tense; rooms; furniture ; household jobs ; telling the time
  • Ma journée! - telling the time; daily routine; school subjects; opinions and reasons; timetable; school in France
  • On va en ville! - food and drink; at the snack bar; places in town; directions; opinions and making plans
  • En vacances - countries; flags; cities; the weather; holiday activities; at the ice-cream parlour; the future tense; a future holiday

A video from Mr Mackula, Head of Modern Foreign Languages

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