Performance Arts

In Performing Arts in years 7 & 8, students:

  • Understand and demonstrate the basic social and group skills (listening, observation, concentration and co-operation)
  • Work in mixed groups of various sizes. Develop negotiation skills and the ability to make decisions as part of a group
  • Understand how the use of space, voice and movement can communicate specific or general meaning in drama
  • Demonstrate that their ability to devise drama and create credible characters is developing over time.
  • Structure drama which has a clear beginning, middle and end.
  • Be able to use a variety of skills, such as still image, facial expressions and body language
  • Be able to respond constructively to the work created by themselves and others

We are delighted that music is back on the curriculum!

A video from Miss Lockhart, Head of Drama

A video from Miss Heywood, Head of Music

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