Humanities include the separate areas of history, geography and RE.


  • In the autumn term students will be introduced to what history is and how this is studied. They will be shown different types of evidence and how to analyse this. They also study the Roman era-covering how Rome began, Hannibal’s invasion of Rome, life in Rome and the Roman Legacy.
  • The spring and summer term cover the Battle of Hastings and Mediaeval England, covering the Domesday Book, the Feudal system, Becket and the Magna Carta and the British monarchy


  • Year 7 will study a range of topics relating to map skills and human and physical geography. Additionally they will also learn about the UK and different places around the world and finally explore an interesting scheme of work looking at Japan.


  • Students will study a range of moral and ethical topics throughout KS3. In year 7 the focus is where we have come from, the origins of the universe and finding your place in society. Students will develop a sense of self and responsibility to themselves and the planet.


A video from Miss Johal, Head of Humanities

A video from Mr Deacon, Head of Geography

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