Curriculum intent and impact

The English team at Matthew Arnold is committed to ensuring that through the study of language and literature students are given opportunities to develop life-long skills which transcend the classroom and school context.

We offer a creative and rigorous curriculum that promotes entusiastic, motivated readers and inquisitive, critical and reflective thinkers. Students explore contemporary issues through the study of a broad selection of literature and non-fiction texts across a range of historic periods.

We ensure that our students are provided with opportunities to work collaboratively, and practise oratory and debating skills within our curriculum plan. We dedicate equal time to students' ability to express themselves coherently and convincingly when writing, equipping them with grammatical accuracy, a range of sophisticated linguistic techniques and a rich general as well as subject-specific vocabulary base. Additionally, we embed values linked to morality, social responsibility, perseverance and resilience.


A video from Miss Genet, Head of English

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