Curriculum Intent

Our vision for the school, for students, staff and parents is ‘There is nowhere I’d rather be.’ This is rooted in reality, not idealism: out of the choices available to them, we would want them to choose Matthew Arnold every time. This is particularly important at a time when school communities are being asked to cope with emotional and mental wellbeing as well as a renewed national focus on the curriculum and learning - the need to ‘make up for lost time.’

We want our staff to be inspired and our students to be motivated by the broad selection of subjects including the extended curriculum and wellbeing sessions we have as part of the whole-school timetable, as well as the extensive extra-curricular programme at lunchtime and after school. This offers an experience that is coherent with the pathways and post-16 transition opportunities that are available to students.

We have built strong relationships with our local primary schools and have been sharing resources across subjects, as well as running CPD sessions that ensure the curriculum journey includes transition from years 6 to 7. Moving forward we are (re)building close links with our local colleges and sixth forms to include transition steps that are aspirational post-16. Please follow this link to our full strategic curriculum development plan.

Below are links to all subject areas' statements of curriculum intent:




Art & Textiles




Design Technology


EDIBExtended Curriculum


Health & Social Care





PE CateringPE Health and Social Care









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