Year 6 Transition

Dear Year 6 Parents and Students

A very warm welcome to The Matthew Arnold School!

The transition between primary school and secondary school is an extremely important one which we take very seriously. It is a priority for us that any new students joining the school feel supported, cared for and able to succeed. We will do everything we can to make the change of schools as easy as possible for every student.

  • We visit all our year 6 students in their primary schools so we are ready to support them fully when they arrive at secondary school.
  • We hold a two-day induction programme (Tuesday 30th June 2020 and Wednesday 1st July 2020) for all our new students, and use this time for team-building activities, experiencing lessons and familiarisation of the school.
  • We hold a special morning for students in the autumn term before all the older children come back.
  • We have a buddy mentoring system for all new year 7 students with our year 11 prefects and other trained students in the upper school.
  • Our dedicated team of learning mentors works with vulnerable students by offering early experience of the school during the summer term prior to them joining the following September. This might be because your child has special educational needs or disabilities, it might be that he or she has recently been going through a difficult time, or it might simply be that the thought of a new, much bigger school is too much to cope with.

Most of the questions you have can be answered by looking in the Parent Guide. Here you will find a range of information covering classroom expectations, uniform, the café and many more. There is a contents page for ease of use.

Please note that all the information in the guide is for the current academic year; the link to term dates for the 2019 - 2020 academic year can be found here.

Some of our year 8 students know how it feels to go from primary school to secondary school and wanted to give the next group of year 6s some friendly words of support and guidance. They wrote this when they were in year 7. Please click on their picture to see what they have to say!


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