Year 11 Information

According to the Department for Education announcement on 20th March 2020, public exams, including those assessing GCSE and equivalent qualifications, have been cancelled. Instead students will be awarded a grade based on predictions from the school. Please click here for full details from the government.

I have already written to you with the information we have so far, and will be in touch as soon as possible with detailed information about how and when we will arrive at a predicted grade so that students have as clear an idea as possible what next year holds.

We know that some students will be very keen to 'prove' themselves by sitting actual exams as soon as they can be arranged when schools open again. However, that will not happen this academic year, and may even be as late as summer 2021. 

Other students will want to put this year behind them and focus on what they are going to study next year.

Whatever they decide to do, it is important that students do not get out of the routine of study, and to this end, Mr Elliott and Miss Brauten-Smith have collaborated with Heads of Departments to produce a booklet which aims to advice and guidance to all students and their parents and carers. The booklet can be accessed here:

Year 11 Home learning booklet

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