• TMAS-73


At The Matthew Arnold School we believe that every student’s education is important. We also pride ourselves on being an inclusive school, where we will do everything within our power to support the learning of every student, every day.

With this in mind, our Aspire Centre provision area supports our internal alternative provision and safeguarding. We have a full-time dedicated learning mentor who works with individual students, on a lesson-by-lesson basis, who have been referred for support. This ensures that whilst going through difficulties within their educational lifetime, our students are still able to access the same educational experience. The aim is to get our students back into main school lessons without gaps in their learning. This provision is not only a support for educational reasons; we also give support for specific reasons of referral, whether this be for behavioural support, emotional support or social support. Our learning mentor also works closely with both home and outside agencies in supporting the individual student.

At break times the provision centre is used as a quieter area of the school for students to use, where they can meet with other students and staff who may find difficulty with the social aspect of these times in the day.

Our safeguarding office is also situated within the Aspire Centre.