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Diminishing the Difference

At The Matthew Arnold School we strive to ensure that gaps in progress and attainment between different groups of students are as small as possible. The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly-funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers.

We work very hard to support our high attaining and pupil premium students and those in Year 7 who need additional support with English or Mathematics or both. We have ensured that our transition from key stage 2 to 3 is at the forefront of our planning so that students make excellent progress within the curriculum when they enter the school in year 7. 

The key principles that guide our approach to diminishing the difference between different groups of learners are as follows:

  1. We never confuse eligibility for additional support with low ability.
  2. We analyse which students are underachieving (regardless of ability), particularly in English and mathematics, and why.
  3. We understand that day-to-day teaching must meet the needs of each learner rather than relying on interventions to compensate for weaker teaching. However, where intervention is necessary, we employ a arrange of strategies
  4. We track and monitor performance data every half term to check whether progress is being made and whether interventions are working – and then make adjustments.
  5. We ensure that the allocation and spending of additional funding is given a high priority in terms of extra staffing to support smaller than average class sizes.
  6. Our designated senior leader reports on the impact of our work to diminish the difference to the governing body and is held to account for its success or otherwise.
  7. We ensure that every child is known by the staff and that personalised learning is routine.
  8. We provide well-targeted support to improve attendance, behaviour and links with families where there are barriers to a student’s learning.
  9. We make sure that support staff (particularly teaching assistants) are highly trained and understand their role in helping students to achieve.
  10. We employ only the best staff and act decisively if any group of students is not receiving the very best in terms of teaching and learning.

Click below to view our statements regarding the spending of pupil premium and year 7 catch-up funding.

Pupil Premium Interventions 2018-2019

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