Examination Performance

We are once again delighted with the GCSE results achieved by our students. The 2017 results have consolidated last year’s success and prove that The Matthew Arnold School is able to perform consistently well. 

It was extremely gratifying to see that a number of our students were able to achieve the new top grades, with 9s in English Language, English Literature and Maths. This was replicated in many subjects still using the old grading system, where more students achieved As and A*s than last year. We are confident that all students will be able to access their chosen paths in September, whether at sixth form, in college or in apprenticeships.

These results are not only good news for the students who move on to the next stage of their academic careers, but also for future GCSE students at the school who will be taking the new-style GCSEs in all subjects.

Our top performers were Georgie Field (Deputy Head Girl) and James Pepall (Head Boy). Both students received As and A*s in 10 subjects including English and maths.  Huge congratulations to them and to everyone who worked so hard to achieve success and take the challenges of the new GSCEs.


The Matthew Arnold School Exam and Assessment Results:

Progress 8 Score                     

 Average +0.08

Attainment 8 Score

 45.7 points

Performance at Grade 4 or above


Performance at Grade 5 or above


Entering EBacc


Achieving EBacc at Grade 4 or above


Achieving EBacc at Grade 5 or above




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