The following are some of our most frequently asked questions. For answers to all your questions, please look in the Parent Guide, the Prospectus or in the Policies and Guidance section of the website.

Where can I get a copy of term dates?



When are the Teacher Training (Inset) days?


  • The Teacher Training days are also listed on our calendar.


How can I buy a school uniform?


  • Details are on our uniform page in the Parents section of the website.


How do I pay for lunch?


  • We use a cashless catering system using biometric finger recognition so there is no need for a card which could be forgotten or lost. Online payments allow parents the convenience of topping up the account at a time to suit them. Please refer to the Cashless Catering System document under Policies and Guidance.


How do I get in contact with a teacher?


  • It is not always possible to speak to a teacher during the day as they will be in their classrooms teaching. Please email the teacher directly or call and leave a message with Reception.


What do I do if my child is ill?


  • Please call as early as possible to inform us of your child's illness. Our office is manned from 8.15 am each morning and we request we are ALWAYS informed before 8.30 am. Also please make sure that you always update our office staff with your current contact details, in case your child falls ill during the school day. You can do this using Parent Portal (Insight).


What do I do if my child has a doctor's or dentist appointment?


  • We ask parents to make sure any appointments are made after 3.00 pm where possible. Where this is not possible, please give the school advance notice. Your child must sign out at Reception.


What if I want to take my child on holiday during term time?


  • Parents are discouraged from taking holidays during term time and holidays will not be authorised. Fixed penalty notices will be issued to parents who take their children out of school for 5 days of more during the term. Please refer to attendance policy for full details.


How do I apply for a place at the school?


  • Application to the school is via Surrey Education Admissions service who co-ordinate our applications. Information can be obtained from: Local Education Office Quadrant Court Guildford Road Woking Surrey GU22 7QQ. The telephone number is 08456 009009 or go online at www.surreycc.gov.uk/admissions