• TMAS-114

Severe Weather Conditions

Closure of the school will be avoided where possible, should it be necessary to close the school due to adverse weather conditions then parents/carers will be notified. Where possible the Headteacher will make the decision to close the school by 7:00am, if this decision is likely to be delayed then a holding message will be displayed on the school web site. The web site will be updated frequently so please check on a regular basis.

Notification will be made by the following means:

•      School web site www.matthew-arnold.surrey.sch.uk

•      Parent text messaging to mobile

•      Email

•      SCC emergency information website ‘Surrey Alert’ www.surreyalert.info

•      Closure notices will be displayed on school gates

•      School answerphone will play an updated closure message


In the event of School being closed for longer period

The school will decide on possible partial opening and operate either a shorter day or opening for a specific year groups – This will be advised on a daily basis via the school website.