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School Development

The Matthew Arnold School - Part of the Bourne Education Trust

These are exciting times for The Matthew Arnold School. From September 2014 the school has been run by an experienced team dedicated to bringing about a rapid transformation in the school now that it has joined the Bourne Education Trust, a Surrey-based multi-academy trust. The results of this transformation were evident in the dramatically-improved GCSE results the school acheived since 2016. 

The School Development and Strategic Plan

The Matthew Arnold School's mantra of 'Going for Great' and 'Every Day Students Achieve' jointly underpins the focused strategic direction of the school. Roles and responsibilities are designed and reviewed regularly to ensure that the key areas of teaching, outcomes for disadvantaged students, attendance and progress for all continue to make accerlerated gains.

School Development Plan 2017-18


Head of School:

Gould-4CD1F7E4D9 (2)

Mrs Gould is a very experienced member of the Bourne Education Trust, and is now in her fourth year of headship at The Matthew Arnold School. She made an immediate impact upon being appointed Head of School; she has taken the school out of Special Measures into RI, and will look to get the Ofsted Good judgement at the next inspection. The GCSE results since she came to the school have improved dramatically and she has built up strong leadership at all levels of the school. She works full-time at the school.



                             Executive Headteacher:

S Price

Mr Price is a very experienced headteacher who currently supports four schools within the Bourne Education Trust, including The Matthew Arnold School. He has led two schools from special measures to good judgements, with Ofsted recognising his outstanding leadership. He is a trained Ofsted inspector, coaches new-to-post headteachers and works as a consultant to support a London school to further improve its outcomes at GCSE. He is part of a Department of Education expert panel in advising other schools on how to ensure sustainable school development. 






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