Bourne Education Trust – Surrey’s top-performing trust

Bourne Education Trust – Surrey’s top-performing trust

New figures released this week by the Department for Education indicate that the Bourne Education Trust is Surrey’s top-performing multi-academy trust for pupil progress across both the primary and secondary phases.

The Bourne Education Trust (‘BET’) is a Surrey-based multi-academy trust made up of ten schools, across both primary and secondary phases. It is ranked 3rd in the country for progress in reading, writing and mathematics at key stage 2 and 22nd for progress at GCSE in the 2017 performance tables. The BET has shown itself to be a key player in the pursuit of pupil progress and this supports its unblemished track record of school improvement across all the schools in the Trust.

BET Chief Executive, Alex Russell, said: “I am so proud of the staff and pupils in our schools; they have achieved magnificently well and it confirms that our ethos ‘transforming schools … changing lives’ really is at the heart of what we do. This could not be achieved without highly skilled and dedicated staff, governors and trustees and a pupil body that is characterised by high aspirations and a love of learning. Congratulations to everyone.”

The Matthew Arnold School is very proud to be part of the BET. Its educational integrity and insistence on prioritising the needs of all pupils have underpinned the rapid improvement that we have seen here over the last three years. All schools in the trust, both at primary and secondary phase, work together in a true collaboration to support and develop each other. We second Alex’s sentiments and add our own congratulations to him for providing such clarity of vision and purpose. 

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