Staff Information

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Senior Leadership Team

Name Position  Contact
Steve Price Executive Headteacher
Mary Gould Head of School
Mark Conroy Deputy Headteacher
Alison Alder School Business Manager /

Emma Blunt Assistant Headteacher
Oli Cochrane Assistant Headteacher
Jade Grills Assistant Headteacher
Sarah Kipps Assistant Headteacher
Rob Lawrence Assistant Headteacher

Tutors for 2017-18


Year 7

Name Position  Contact
Mrs P Rose Head of Year
Mr H Dyer Tutor 7M
Miss J Genet Tutor 7A

Mr E Redmond Tutor 7R
Mr D Ledwith Tutor 7O
Mr M Young Tutor 7L

Year 8

Name Position Contact
Mrs K Moore Head of Year
Miss H Ardis Tutor 8M
Mr T Deacon Tutor 8A
Miss M Collova Tutor 8R
Mr A Saunders Tutor 8O
Miss M Hogan Tutor 8L

Year 9

Name Position Contact
Miss O Brauten-Smith Head of Year
Miss E Clarke Tutor 9M
Miss R McDermott Tutor 9A
Mr L Scott Tutor 9R
Mr C Cudmore Tutor 9O
Mr P Conneally Tutor 9L

Year 10

Name Position Contact
Mr C Carroll Head of Year
Miss E Dixon Tutor 10M
Miss J Baker Tutor 10A
Mr R Foley Tutor 10R
Miss S Lucey Tutor 10O

Miss D Lockhart Tutor 10L
Miss A Hall Tutor 10D

Year 11

Name Position Contact
Miss S Kipps  SLT (results)
Miss S Johal Tutor 11M
Miss C O'Shaughnessy Tutor 11A co'
Mr G Rowlands Tutor 11R
Mrs L Wheller / Miss C O'Brien Tutor 11O /
Mr R Lannin Tutor 11L
Miss E Fuller Tutor 11D