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RS (Philosophy & Ethics)

Head of Department: Miss E Fuller


Religious develops and extends students’ understanding of the world in all its diversity. Learning throughout all Key Stages uses a variety of resources and draws on recent case studies wherever possible. Religious Studies lessons are designed to actively involve the students in tasks and encourage them to think and learn independently, draw on their own opinions and what they believe about the world around them.

Year 7

The skills developed by year 7 students are designed to help them analyse and reflect on feelings, relationships, experience, ultimate questions, beliefs and practices as they affect the understanding of modern world issues. Topics include; The world we live in looking at topical issues like the environment, animal testing, society and how this links to RS. The Bible as a source of Authority looking at how Christians use it the Parables of Jesus and who he is, Places of worship and how worship is important and creation of the world looking at different ideas about it. Festivals are also looked at drawing on the importance of it to people.

Year 8

In year 8 the students develop the skills for empathy and synthesis by considering the thoughts, feelings, experiences, attitudes, beliefs and values of others. We look at topical issues such as Racism, Charity, bullying looking at it from both a moral and religious perspective. Islam is also looked at as a basis for when they start their GCSE in year 9. Passion of Jesus- the story of the last week of Jesus' life. 

Year 9

Year 9 begin AQA specification A for their GCSE in year 9 they complete Paper 1 - Looking at Christianity and Islam as the two main religions. 

Autumn term: Beliefs- Christianity on topics such as life after death, existence of God drawing on their own beliefs, as well as the resurrection and the incarnation. 

Spring term: continuing beliefs and starting practices including the sacraments, charity, how a Christian helps, pilgrimage. 

Summer term: begin Islam Beliefs which includes the prophets, Angels, the Holy book, life after death. 

Year 10 and 11

Continuing with AQA specification A course, looking at Paper 2 which is ethical issues such as Relationships and family, Origins of the world, Crime and punishment and human rights and equality. 


Homework will be set once every two weeks accordance to the homework timetable. For KS4, exam questions will be set to help prepare for their exam which are then gone through in lesson.

KS3- research homework, extended writing, topical issues.

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