Design and Technology

Head of Department: Mr R Lannin


Design and Technology at The Matthew Arnold Schools gives students the opportunity to explore, design and create products using a variety of materials and a range of modern processing techniques. The Design and Technology Department offers Wood Technology, Food Technology and Graphic Programs. Each Technology course for year 7 and year 8 runs for 13 weeks at which point students will move to the next subject. Our students benefit from excellent facilities across all technology subjects, featuring the latest CAD programs to a fully equipped kitchen.

Year 7

The pupils in year 7 will be undertaking a design and make project using a range of materials to gain the essential skills to become an excellent designer. In year 7 Resistant Materials is taught as an introductory course for one term which all students will participate in. 

Year 8 Money Box Project:

This project is aimed to inspire year 8 students with their design work and develop their skills in CAD /CAM. The pupils will demonstrate their practical woodwork skills and have an introduction to electronics. The pupils will be using a range of materials and processes to achieve a good quality outcome. In year 8 Resistant Materials is taught on one term cycles. All students will have the opportunity to participate. 

Year 9

Pupils begin the GCSE cycle in year 9. Students will have five lessons over a two week period. This year is split equally between practical and theory work where students produce a variety of practical projects and begin to look at the design process in greater detail.

Year 10

The new specification will be in effect for the current year 10 students. This GCSE course is made up of two units. An exam worth 50% and a design project worth 50%.

Pupils have three lesson a week which are split up:

  • 1 Lesson : Core Content
  • 2 Lesson : Core Content
  • 3 Lesson : Design Work
  • 4 Lesson: Design Work
  • 5 Lesson: Coursework

To complete the folder work, pupils receive a design brief from the exam board. They must analyse this and come up with a solution to the problem, complete the first 10 pages of their folder along with the 5 design ideas for their product.

Year 11

The GCSE course is made up of two units. An exam worth 40% and a 30 page A3 folder worth 30% and a practical project worth 30%.

Pupils have five lessons every two weeks which are split up:

  • 1 Lesson : Exam Prep
  • 2 Lesson : Exam Prep
  • 3 Lesson: Folder input
  • 4 Lesson: Folder input
  • 5 Lesson: Using notes to complete folder pages, development of ideas using modelling, making of final project, modification and evaluation, preparation for exam in June.


Homework is set once every two weeks. Homework mainly consists of design tasks for KS3 and Exam preparation for KS4.

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Careers and Further Study

Design and Technology at The Matthew Arnold School, aims to provide students with a platform for further study in both theoretical and practical aspects of design work. Design and technology is relevant to many career choices such as: Engineering, Construction, Architecture, Interior Design, Game design, Illustration, Manufacturing and many more.

Design and technology aims to develop a variety of skills including problem solving, team working, practical manipulation of hand tools and communication skills, just to name a few.