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Physical Education

Head of Department: Miss J Baker


The PE department are made up of four passionate and enthusiastic PE teachers that teach all years within the Matthew Arnold School.

Year 7

The year 7 students start life at The Matthew Arnold School by participating in invasion based sports; demonstrating their ability to work co-operatively within a team and striving to succeed. After the first term, students are devised into sets based on ability and the pace of learning to suit all learner styles. Every half term, students take part in two sports, this consists of six lessons for each sport, with the last lesson structuring an assessment based lesson. Students take part in six PE lessons over two weeks - four practical team sports, one theory and one fitness lesson.

Year 8

Building on from the foundation and success from year 7, year 8 students follow the same structure of six PE lessons over two weeks - four practical team sports, one theory and one fitness lesson. Theory lessons have been introduced to give the students a head start when it comes to choosing PE as a GCSE, as students choose their options at the end of year 8. They have a choice of either GCSE Physical Education or BTEC Health and Social Care and Catering.

Year 9

With the option of GCSE PE chosen, students explore, perform and challenge themselves in examination PE accredited by Edexcel. The new GCSE specification is 70% theory which is tested via two hour long papers covering topics such as Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology, Training Programmes and Dietary Requirements and 30% practical and is assessed via participation in three sports with one being team based, one individual and one can be a choice of either. These are approved sports from Edexcel via participation.

Year 10 and 11

At the start of year 10, all students are beginning to structure a personal exercise programme, focusing on an analysis of their own performance after completing several fitness tests. Several components of fitness are chosen to improve, by structuring a six week training programme focusing on the principles and chosen methods of training. The practical element of this is completed in PE lessons using the state of the art fitness suite facility, provided by Lifestyle Fitness onsite at The Matthew Arnold Sports Centre.

With the coursework weighting 10% of their final grade, students learn further anatomy and physiology, sports participation and how aspects of a diet formally known as macro and micronutrients have an impact on fitness levels and sports performance. Every half term, an end of topic test is performed and marked to give students feedback on what to address theoretically to improve and to put each student in the best possible position when entering their final GCSE exam.


Homework serves two main functions within PE, the practical side where pupils are required to develop their physical fitness and technical abilities; and the theoretical side where pupils are encouraged to develop and extend their classroom based learning as well as prepare themselves for future lessons.

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