ICT & Computing

ICT Single Award

The GCSE in ICT (Double Award) qualifications enable students to:

  • become independent and discerning users of ICT, able to make informed decisions about its use and aware of its implications for individuals, organisations and society
  • acquire and apply creative and technical skills, knowledge and understanding of ICT in a range of contexts
  • develop ICT-based solutions to solve problems
  • develop their understanding of current and emerging technologies and their social and commercial impact
  • develop their understanding of the legal, social, economic, ethical and environmental issues raised by ICT
  • recognise potential risks when using ICT, and develop safe, secure and responsible practice
  • develop the skills to work collaboratively
  • evaluate ICT-based solutions



Our computing course aims to:

  • Give learners a real, in-depth understanding of how computer technology works
  • Provide excellent preparation for higher study and employment in Computer Science
  • Develop critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills