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Health and Social Care

Head of Department: Miss J Baker


Health and Social Care is an option in the Health, Sport and Nutrition block in Key Stage 4. Students will study 4 units over 3 years; Communication in health and social care, Care Values, Nutrition and Human Lifespan Development.  Three of these units are internally assessed through coursework and the latter unit is an externally assessed exam which is in year 11.

Year 9

Students start with Unit 3: Communication in Health and Social Care. During this unit they will investigate different forms of communication and how they are used effectively in health and social care. They will look at the importance of using clear speech, body language that shows you want to help people, and active listening skills that show you are interested in what people are saying. This unit will also provide information about alternative forms of communication such as Braille, British Sign Language and Makaton.

Year 10

Students will complete Unit 2 (Care values) and Unit 6 (Nutrition) during year 10. They will learn about the different care values and how to promote and apply these to form good practice to support individuals. They will learn about what is meant by a balanced diet and its effects on the body, for example in raising immunity to infection and improving concentration. They will also explore what is meant by an unbalanced diet and how this may lead to various types of ill health.

Year 11

Students will complete Unit 1 (Human lifespan development) and will sit a one hour exam at the end of year 11. This unit provided students with opportunity to explore how we grow and develop throughout our lives.


Homework is set according to the school’s homework timetable and involves independent tasks to complete coursework. All homework is uploaded onto Show My Homework.

Additional information


Careers and Further study

The course contains a wide variety of transferable skills.  The Health & Social Care sector is one of the largest employment sectors in the UK.  Learning gained throughout the course can be utilised in more obvious roles such as Doctors or Nurses but would be equally relevant to careers such as a Barrister or Radiologist.



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