• TMAS-137


Head of Department: Mr S Gandary


Business studies is a subject offered at KS4 as an option for students that are interested in finding out about the Business world. Students are encouraged to research existing businesses and follow current affairs as these often feedback into class discussions.

Year 10 and 11

The Business Studies course begins by students completing an enterprise project where they establish their own business idea and raise funds for a charitable cause. The experience they have through this project helps to embed the business knowledge they then cover over the remainder of the course. The course covers the five core areas of business by considering how businesses are set up and how they may be impacted by growth and expansion. Students then consider the ways in which businesses market their products and services to raise awareness with customers and they look at the financial commitment required to set up and manage a business effectively. The focus then moves to training, developing and motivating people working within businesses and finally the operations and production methods used by the business to create its products and services. The course comprises of two units which are both exam based at the end of year 11.


This comprises of research tasks and end of topic assessments that are designed to consolidate the knowledge and develop analytical and evaluative skills.

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Careers and Further Study

There are many potential careers within business sectors and it has become one of the most popular degree courses studied, being offered at a wide range of universities.