Spelthorne Schools' Parliament Debate

On Friday 8th February a group of year 9 and 10 students represented the school at the annual Spelthorne Schools' Parliament Debate at Spelthorne Council Chambers. They first heard from Sky Yarlett from the Parliament Education Service before breaking off into teams to discuss their 'for' and 'against' arguments for the topic Should the Internet be a Human Right? Kwasi Kwarteng, MP for Spelthorne, and Cllr Jean Pinkerton OBE represented the Speaker of the house. Our students threw themselves into the debate ensuring that their comments, ideas and opinions were heard. In the end the 'no' vote won 25 to 9. Kwasi Kwarteng MP then awarded prizes for the students he felt were the most passionate and the best speakers. Neve Crossley in year 10 won an award for her passionate speaking and her ability to open and close the debate. Lily Blakemore, also of Year 10, won because she was able to speak from the heart and relate her opinions to her personal life and experiences. Mr Kwarteng congratulated the students of The Matthew Arnold School for their high level of debating and speaking skills.



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