Remembrance Day

The Matthew Arnold School have marked remembrance with a series of events designed to help the students pay their respects for those who have died in conflicts since WW1.  This year was particularly significant, marking 100 years since the end of the “Great War”.  Recognising the diversity of our students, a series of assemblies highlighted the truly global nature of the war and the number of people around the world who were affected.  We then asked students to research family members who may have served in the armed forces in the past 100 years, especially any that may have been involved in WW1.  Students were then asked to commemorate the fallen in their own way, by recognising them on a poppy with which we have created a display in school (see below).  All students and staff observed a 2 minute silence at 11am on the 9th November in an act of whole school remembrance in the Sports Hall.  The school was also invited to a special remembrance service at Spelthorne Council Chambers (details below). 

I would personally like to thank all the students and staff who contributed to this event in any capacity.  The respect and goodwill shown by the members of our school has truly been outstanding and shows the ever growing sense of community.

Mr Elliott


“On the 9th November 2018 The Matthew Arnold School, as well as 13 other schools, were invited to Spelthorne Borough Council for a remembrance ceremony to commemorate the centenary of the First World War armistice. Only a limited amount of students were allowed to come and had to hand-write a letter explaining why they deserve to go.  Students were then chosen and some volunteered to do a few jobs. Mia from year 7 was one of only 3 students in Spelthorne chosen to read to the crowd.  She did a stunning job.  Dawn and Molly from year 7 & 9 laid a wreath together, bowing and paying their respects to the fallen soldiers.  Finally Hayley and Aaron from year 7 & 8 accepted the Tommy from the mayor, sitting with the VIPs during the service. Overall we sang hymns, listened to prayers, and payed our own respects to the ones who died for us and our country. After the half an hour service we had tea in Staines Preparatory school and even got to meet the mayor! 

Dawn Warner Year 9”


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