Remembrance Day

“As part of a series of events to commemorate 100 years since the end of WWI, we are asking children to research family members who may have been involved in the conflict.  18 million people were killed during WWI with over 700 from Spelthorne and whilst we often think of the conflict to have been confined to Belgium and France, 57 countries from around the world sent young men in to battle.  As such it is unlikely that families, even if they aren’t originally from the UK, did not have relatives that were involved somehow.


This link will download a resource with information from the Imperial War Museum Website.  This is a list of the soldiers from Spelthorne who died in World War One.  It is broken down into the town and village names where the soldier’s name is listed on a war memorial.  You can click the name in the file and it will take you to the details of the soldier, though I have to say, in a lot of cases, there is not much information.  Children may use this information to create a commemorative poppy in tutor which will honour ‘the 700’ in a display in school. 


As well as a 2 minutes silence on November 9th at 11am, the school have also been invited to a special wreath laying ceremony at Spelthorne Council Offices.  This is open to all students but places are limited.  Should children wish to attend, they will need to write a letter to Mr Elliott explaining why they feel it is important that they do so.  The best will be selected.


Finally, our theme last week was ‘Peace’.  We are asking all children or people connected with the school to think of ways in which we can make the school a more peaceful place.  This includes freedom from conflict or creating areas where we may find tranquillity.  We ask that students and staff are mindful of the different conflicts that others may face and that parents encourage children to find times where they can be ‘at peace’, so that they may reflect and be more conscientious of others.”


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