Year 8 Heathrow Coding Challenge

Year 8 Heathrow Coding Challenge

On Tuesday the 13th of March the year 8 students at the Matthew Arnold School had the opportunity to take part in a Heathrow coding challenge. The event was delivered by volunteers from Heathrow Airport and Learning to Work. Throughout the day year 8 built and programmed a robot. We learnt about Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (S.T.E.M), and how this is a possible career path and also careers at Heathrow Airport.

We had to build our robot out of Lego, making sure we followed the instructions carefully, and then we programmed our robot to go around the obstacles on the racecourse as fast as possible. We accomplished this by using trial and error, we had the opportunity to trial the robot on the track and then go back and amend the programing accordingly. We then had heats which were timed, those with the fastest time went in to the final which was really exciting. The cheering on of teams was a very noisy affair as we were all encouraging the finalists.

All the students enjoyed this experience and it was a great success.


Ethan Agno, Year 8


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