A visit from Spelthorne MP, Kwasi Kwarteng

Last week we had a visit from Kwasi Kwarteng. We sat down with the full student voice team and discussed how our work as the school council has changed and benefited the school. We talked him through changes such as the new house system and how we appealed to the SLT team at our school for other changes such as toilets, basketball nets etc. He approved of the changes such as the new house scheme and thought that the changes we are making would enhance the improvements that the school has already made. We were able to ask him questions about how he became an MP. We were also able to experience a touching moment when Billiesha explained how Kwasi was an important aspect of her father’s life.

We were very pleased that Kwasi was able to take the time and visit our school. He was pleased with all the improvements we had made and was looking forward to any additional improvements that would be made by our team in the future.

By Georgia Ezzard, Year 11


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