Brooklands College STEM Trip

On Thursday 16th March Miss Collova took twelve Year 10 girls to Brooklands College to complete a STEM programme. The girls completed four sessions which focused on different areas of science and maths, engineering, technology, biology and electronics. 

For engineering, they made rockets! Unfortunately the closest they came to the 72m record was 44m. In technology, they looked at game show making while biology saw the girls looking at maggots under microscopes and taking fingerprints before moving to chemistry where they played with acids and alkalis.

They finished the day in electronics, which was Miss Collova's personal favourite as they built circuits before they had fun flying (more so crashing) the drones around the classroom.

The girls upheld themselves amazingly with positive comments coming from all staff members at Brooklands College, including the electronics engineer who was very impressed with their ability to calculate current, voltage and resistance.

A big thank you to all involved and to Mr Conneally who drove everybody on the day.


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