Year 10 BP Challenge

One half of Year 10  undertook a challenge set by BP today, which was to design and build a platform to the following specifications:


§  The platform must be 50m above sea level.

§  The platform will need to support 8,000 tonnes. This will be tested on your scale model, using wooden blocks or hard-backed books. 

§  The weather is often bad at this location, with giant waves, strong currents and gale force winds. Your structure needs to be strong and rigid.


The teams had to build scale models using spaghetti, marshmallows and straws.


Step 1: Design your structure on paper

§  Use grid paper to draw some ideas for your design.

§  Will you base your design around triangle shapes, squares or a mixture?


Step 2: Work out costs

§  Calculate how much your structure will cost (remember: each straw or marshmallow is worth $1 million).


Step 3: Build your design

§  When you are happy with your design, start building your model with a scale of 1 cm: 10 m.


Step 4: Watch as your design is tested


The winning structure came in at a cost of $32 million and was able to support the weight of 7 A5 hard back books! 


Will the other half of year 10 beat this impressive record on March 28th?


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