Our priorities during lockdown are:

  1. To provide an effective home learning programme for all students by:
    • Recognising the barriers that working in isolation puts up and working creatively to overcome them
    • Differentiating lessons to match abilities
    • Challenging and extending the most able
    • Providing families with technological support so that all students can access online learning
  2. To acknowledge the strain on students' wellbeing caused by:
    • Separation from friends
    • Lack of routine
    • Worry about the future
    • Uncertainty about coming back to school

Because of the unprecedented nature of this situation, we need feedback from parents and students to help us do as good a job as possible. We are sending out surveys on alternate Fridays. The more regularly you complete and return these, the better we can match our response to current need. 


Live surveys

Reopening schools - week beginning 11th May 2020

Parent survey 15.05.20


Previous surveys

Week beginning 4th May 2020


Week beginning 27th April 2020

Parents 30.04.20

Week beginning 20 April 202


Week beginning 23rd March 2020



Response and action

May surveys

Student survey feedback

April surveys

Parent survey feedback 30.04.20

Student survey feedback 29.04.20

March survey

  • Parents asked for live lessons - these have now been introduced via Microsoft Teams and the offer is increasing each week. One tutor session a week will be live for all year groups from now on
  • Some students did not have laptops or internet access - we have provided students with this equipment where possible and are already claiming for devices from the government's scheme to support vulnerable students
  • Students and parents found the normal school timetable overwhelming - we have rationalised the timetable to include two or three hours of learning and a wellbeing session each day
  • Parents asked for clearer communication - we have worked hard on the website to make it as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. It is updated every day and linked to our social media
  • Some students reported an inconsistent response from different departments and different year groups - We have followed up every single query with the department or staff member concerned
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