Bourne Education Trust

Bourne Education Trust (BET) is a Surrey and Hampshire based multi-academy trust made up of sixteen schools, across both primary and secondary phases.

Specialising in supporting schools to improve their performance, BET focuses relentlessly on standards to guide and, where necessary, intervene to ensure the best outcomes for all learners within its schools.

Led by Alex Russell, CEO and supported by an executive team and board of directors, the Trust’s main areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Increasing leadership capacity and rebuilding confidence
  • Setting the strategic priorities for schools and creating an aspirational culture
  • Supporting current leadership teams to implement change
  • Refining the school’s data tracking systems so that intervention is targeted, appropriate and makes a difference
  • Improving the quality of teaching through school to school support, paired observations, bespoke training and the use of outstanding practitioners
  • Increasing the skills of teaching assistants so that in class provision and small group work supports progress
  • Challenging underperformance and closing the gap
  • Ensuring that no child slips through the net.

The Trust is characterised by quality leadership and governance, teaching and learning, and strong outcomes. It is efficient and cost-effective to free up resources for the front line. BET’s priority is its schools.

Aims and ethos

‘Transforming schools; changing lives’

We want to create a community of outstanding schools with the highest aspiration and dedication to achieving the best outcomes for all our learners:

  • An unshakeable belief in the intrinsic value of every individual within our community
  • Exciting and creative climates for learning within a safe and supportive environment
  • Sustainable collaboration and sharing of best practice
  • Personal and professional development for all members of staff
  • Accountability based on honesty and responsibility in all our relationships.

We believe:

  • That every pupil deserves a good education that enables them to be the best they can possibly be
  • That every individual in our community of schools (our pupils, staff, families and friends) is important and has something to contribute
  • In building an exciting and creative climate for learning within a safe and supportive environment
  • In working together and sharing best practice
  • In ensuring the personal and professional development for all members of staff so that they have a rewarding and a fulfilling career within our community of schools
  • In accountability based on honesty and responsibility in all our relationships.

Our Promise

Every pupil can expect to:

  • Be known by our staff
  • Experience an aspirational culture in which we refuse to accept barriers to achievement
  • Have ambitious targets and access to appropriate resources to support their learning
  • Meet and talk with our staff regularly about their learning and progress
  • Learn within the classroom with appropriate support and to receive extra help when necessary
  • Have their learning and progress and that of their peers effectively tracked
  • Experience peer-to-peer support within the classroom rather than having total reliance on adults
  • Experience a caring and supportive culture in which every individual is safe and can thrive.

Learning will:

  • Embrace creative and innovative approaches that engage pupils
  • Reflect planning between experts and teachers to ensure the accessibility of the work
  • Have pace and a relentless focus on progress
  • Use modern technology and virtualisation
  • Be personalised so it is relevant to each pupil and ensure challenge
  • Be tailored to the needs of key groups, for whom appropriate programmes of study will be devised
  • Reflect a balanced but challenging curriculum
  • Enable progress to higher education and/or employment.

Collaboration will ensure that:

  • Best practice is shared and staff across our Trust exhibit the highest levels of professionalism
  • The areas of greatest need are well supported and show rapid and sustained improvement
  • Transition between all key stages is an area of excellence and learning reflects excellent knowledge and understanding of the different programmes of study
  • The Trust produces flexible and experienced professionals capable of career progression
  • New staff are well-supported and receive an excellent introduction to the profession
  • Resources are shared and economies of scale are achieved.

Professional development will:                        

  • Deliver outstanding professionals to work across our Trust
  • Be tailored to meet different standards and needs
  • Focus on teaching and learning and on developing future leaders
  • Support the needs of our pupils and take account of the stage of development of each school
  • Be delivered by inspirational experts.


  • Pupils and staff will understand what they have to achieve and how to do this
  • Performance will always be measured against the most ambitious targets
  • Pupils and staff will be held to account for their targets and progress towards them
  • Pupil premium will be used to accelerate the progress of vulnerable pupils
  • Every member of staff will undergo performance management termly
  • Good and outstanding teaching will be the norm
  • Issues will not be allowed to fester; interventions will be honest and based on objective information
  • Governing bodies will know their schools and hold them to account.

Purpose of the Trust

The purpose of the Trust is to maintain good and outstanding schools, and to ensure the rapid improvement of schools which need support now (and in the future); also to act as a vehicle for enabling the sharing of best practice and the economies of scale to be achieved across the group of academies.

The Trust will act as the lead sponsor for any school that wishes to become an academy or for schools which are being directed to become sponsored academies by the Department for Education. This is dependent on their meeting our rigorous due diligence requirements and on both parties, the regional schools’ commissioner and the academy’s brokers believing that is it in their best interests to join.

The behaviours we expect to see:

  • Strong and capable leadership
  • People striving to provide an outstanding education
  • Interacting with colleagues with respect and trust.

As a Trust, the way we wish to grow is to develop:

  • Long term relationships with commitment to continuous improvement.

The principles by which we will manage the organisation:

  • Openness to build trust, be transparent, sharpen accountability and drive improvement
  • The operation of a simple efficient low-cost organisation
  • The development of an effective and strong governance framework
  • Tight control of our resources to achieve economies, efficiencies and effectiveness across our operations.

The Bourne Education Trust's Funding Agreement

The Bourne Education Trust's Funding Agreement can be viewed here:

Bourne Education Trust's Funding Agreement


All of the Bourne Education Trust's financial statements can be viewed here:

For more information about the Bourne Education Trust, please visit their website at,

Bourne Education Trust

The Bourne Education Trust was set up on the 9th September 2013 and is a charitable trust and an exempt charity. It consists of seven primary and five secondary schools.

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