Student Voice visits St John the Baptist School

Last Tuesday, three student voice representatives visited St John the Baptist School, Woking, to have a meeting with their student voice team. We sat down with their ‘stars’ and discussed how they had made changes to their school to improve it. We found that they had great charitable ideas, such as hampers for charities and an ‘SJB Day’. We also discussed with the teacher in charge of the Houses how the house system works, what events they have in place and how they tally points. We liked the idea of building a House Points board and displaying it in the school hall, something that SJB made a project out of for DT students.

We also liked the ideas of having more charitable events in order to raise money for local causes. One great idea was ‘SJB Day,’ which was a day when the whole school came together and produced stalls and a variety of things to sell, in order to make a profit and give the money to their chosen charities. We feel that the community spirit produced by events such as this one would be fantastic for out of school.

We were able to enjoy for ourselves the food available at SJB at lunch time and experience their canteen system. The school has brought in an independent company to supply them with hot food, salad, sandwiches and more. We think that some of the food available at SJB would be a perfect addition for our canteen.

By Georgia Ezzard, Year 11


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