BP Young Scientist Challenge

On Thursday 14th July Miss Collova and Miss Dixon took twelve Year 9 students to BP's Young Scientist Challenge. They had a fantastic time at the challenge which was broken into two tasks. Task 1 - to design a structure that was able to pass the following criteria: 1) A minimum height of 12cm; 2) Could pass a stability test; 3) would be able to hold a minimum of 1 500ml water bottle, with the maximum weight being 4 water bottles. Task 2 - to build the structure. The students were able to increase the profit made by being able to increase the platform size and/or height of their structure.

Our students were divided into two teams of six with an intern to help them. They put their brains together to design and build a structure per team with both structures passing each criteria with flying colours. While their designs were not the most profitable, Team B did take home the trophy for most economically built structure.

Team A included: Paige Johnson, Leoni Malins, Jemima Ridley-Carter, Brandon Parr, John Miles, Josh Duggan

Team B included: Sam Davis, Ellie Berryman, Alicia Taylor, Matthew Trotter, Shannon Clark, Maddie Stevens

Our students worked amazingly against the other schools that provided them with some tough competition proving that they are an absolute credit to The Matthew Arnold School making us very proud of their efforts. 


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